Welcome to Indian Wells Condoshare (a non-smoking timeshare) located at the corner of Mountain Cove Drive and Highway 111 about an eighth of a mile from the office.  We would like your stay with us to be as pleasant as possible and therefore we would like to acquaint you with some helpful information.  Maximum occupancy for a studio or a one bedroom is four (4) persons.

PETS: Pets are prohibited inside or outside all timeshare units.

HOUSEKEEPING:  Linen changes are provided on Tuesday 10AM to 3PM. All other housekeeping or maintenance requests are handled during office hours Monday through Thursday 9AM to 4PM.  Laundry facilities are located throughout the resort, please refer to your map. 

POOLS: Four Blue Stripe pool towels are in your bathroom closet.  There are 3 outdoor swimming pools in this resort for your pleasure.  For health considerations, babies in diapers are not permitted in the pools.

TELEPHONE: Telephone directions are located next to your telephone.  Press 8 to dial out.

PEST CONTROL: As many of you know, the desert climate, which is so pleasant to us, is also very hospitable to 6 and 8 legged friends.  Occasionally these critters decide to visit you in your unit, perhaps looking for food possibly dropped on the floor.  To reduce the number of bugs (chirping crickets etc.), that enter your unit, we offer some suggestions.  Be sure your doors are not left open, also be sure to seal packages of food or place them in the refrigerator.  The units are sprayed on a monthly basis.  Please do not hesitate to call the office should you require additional pest control. There is a can of bug spray located under the kitchen sink if you should need it.

RE-ENTRY POLICY: Proper Key Arrangements must be made with business office personnel only during routine office hours (keys are never left with the Guard Gate Personnel).  There is a $50 minimum re-entry fee for anyone who locks themselves out of their unit.

PARKING: The local police patrol our resort. Citations are issued for parking in the red zones.

NOTICE: Additional assessments will apply to loss of/or excessively soiled linen, loss of/or breakage of furniture & fixtures, lost keys and late departures, and any additional man hours required to clean up excessively dirty units.  Please refer to the Criteria for return of security/key deposit inside the silver folder.