Resort Information

A refundable Security/Key deposit is required by all non-owners (no exceptions); Visa, Master Card, or Discover only, No Cash or Checks.  The concept of timeshare is different than a hotel. While occupying a unit, Association rules and regulations must be adhered to. Please take a moment to review the criteria. There are no planned activities at our resort but the recreation and entertainment possibilities are endless for adults as well as children and teens within a few miles of the resort. You can review more information and see photos by clicking on, select US, then go to Directory and type in our ID #0309 or going to All studios are upstairs and all one bedrooms are downstairs. No elevators on property. Units are approximately 600 sq. feet.



Your credit card imprint will be destroyed the following Monday after the unit has been inspected.

We ask the  following criteria be met:

1. All dishes, glassware, pots and pans and utensils be washed, dried and returned to their proper places.

2. If the stove and oven have been used, they must be cleaned and left in the same condition as you found them.

3. Trash and garbage should be neatly stacked by the trash can inside the unit.

4. Unit must be picked up and not littered with junk food, storage containers, other food and drink containers, newspapers, etc…

5. Soiled towels and linens should be placed on the restroom floor.  Additional charges will apply to loss or excessively soiled linens

6. Indian Wells Condoshare is a Non-Smoking resort. Smoking is permitted only on your patio or balcony.

7. If the furniture is moved, we ask it be placed in it’s original position.

8. Sorry, Pets are prohibited inside or outside of Indian Wells Condoshare units. For kennel information please call our office.

9. Complimentary internet devices are available for check out. Deposit required. $20 per gigabyte will be assessed if there is an overage.

10. Wireless internet available at certain pool locations. Please dial 6 from your unit for a password.

Essentially, the unit should be left in the same condition as it was when you took possession, other than Normal Usage.

Two keys and a gate card are issued at time of check-in. The two keys and gate card must be left on the table at departure: otherwise, a charge will be applied for lost or misplaced keys.

Provided the Criteria as listed above have been met, your credit card imprint will be shredd in our office.

ARRIVAL: Maximum occupancy for a one bedroom and studio is four (4) persons.

HOUSEKEEPING: Linen changes are provided on Tuesday – 10 AM to 2 PM. All other housekeeping or maintenance requests are handled during office hours Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 4 PM. Laundry facilities are located throughout the resort, please refer to your map for locations

POOLS: Four pool towels are in the vanity closet. For health considerations, babies in diapers are not permitted in the pools and pool diapers are allowed. Glass bottles and loud music is not permitted in the pool area.

TELEPHONE: Telephone directions are located next to your telephone. Press 8 to dial, 6 to contact the office, and 9 for 911.

INTERNET ACCESS: We do provide MiFi and/or WiFi access. Please ask for details at time of check in.

PETS: Pets are prohibited inside or outside of Indian Wells Condoshare units.

PEST CONTROL: As many of you know, the desert climate that is so pleasant to us is also very hospitable to 6 and 8 legged friends. Occasionally those critters decide to visit you in your unit, perhaps looking for food possible dropped. To reduce the number of bugs (chirping crickets etc), that enter your unit some suggestions are, be sure your doors are not left open, also be sure to seal packages of food or place them in refrigerator. The units are sprayed on a regular basis, but do not hesitate to call the office should you require additional pest control assistance. Also located under kitchen sink is a can of bug spray.

RE-ENTRY POLICY: Proper Key Arrangements must be made with business office personnel only during routine office hours (never with Guard Gate personnel). There is a $50 re-entry fee for anyone who locks themselves out of their unit, outside of routine office hours.


1. Check out no later than 10 AM Friday

2. Early check-outs, please notify the office–Dial 6

3. Criteria: Re/Security key deposit will be shredded upon inspection of unit.